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Perfect smile in minutes!!

Snap smile is a painless option for those who want to have a beautiful smile, for aesthetic and temporary use. This technique was developed by a dentist who noticed that not everyone was able to acquire a beautiful smile. This prosthesis is NOT the one used by the artists, because the ones used by the artists are made to measure, which makes a very high price. The material of this snap is made of polyethylene and the moldable putty for adaptation of glass ionomer.

The Snap Smile is made of polyethylene so it has the flexibility to fit your teeth, another material would not allow it to fit easily.

Silica gel simulated toothpaste makes it stand out from the crowd, make your teeth bring beauty effect, easy to use, easy to learn, can be used over and over again, and it's cheap.
1. Put the teeth in a glass of hot water for 2 minutes to make it flexible.
2. Place the adhesive on the veneer of the teeth and place it gently against the teeth.
3. Remove the teeth from the mouth after 30 seconds.
4. It's finished to the shape of your teeth.

Point of sale:
Painless and Safe: Fits your teeth and gums perfectly and will not wear out your original teeth.
Versatility: Whether it's a date, a job interview or a party, you can use this prosthesis to make you more confident and successful.
Hide your missing teeth: crooked, stained and broken teeth.
Lucky smile: allowing you to demonstrate stronger self-confidence and increase your personality charm.

1. These veneers are reusable and easy to use
2. With an adjustable size
3. One size fits all
4. Fits securely and comfortably in just a few minutes
5. Made with safe and high quality materials
6. Works with all types of crooked, stained, missing and spaced teeth


Product name: imitation straps
Packing: opp/plastic box

Material: Polyethylene
Used for teeth restoration and whitening, dissolve gutta-percha with hot water, then stick denture on teeth

Product weight: 35g (with plastic case) 5g (opp bag)
Plastic box size: 85*18mm

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