Pyramid Energy 7 Chakras

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Orgonite of the 7 Chakras - Amethyst, sodalite, blue quartz, green quartz, citrine, carnelian and red jasper

If you are looking to know what orgonite is, you also need to know what it is composed of.

There are three essential elements:

  • Organic – Resin is usually used

The resin's main function is to attract energy to the orgonite.

  • Metal – Uses scraps of metal, copper or other small elements

These objects are responsible for reflecting the energies that reach the orgonite.

  • Crystal – Usually use quartz crystals

The crystal has the function of transmuting bad energy into something positive within the orgonite. People generally choose quartz as it is a very popular stone used to ward off negative energies.

These items make up the orgonite and, together, are responsible for the process of transforming negative energy into positive energy.

What are the benefits of orgonite?

You just discovered what orgonite is and its main function. Also know that, in addition to energy transformation, it has other benefits , such as:

  • Purifies the energy of people and environments;
  • Helps in personal harmonization;
  • It neutralizes the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation from computers, cell phones, television, among others;
  • Decreases the effects of PMS;
  • Keeps the environment harmonized and with positive energy;
  • Protects from negativity, evil eye and envy;
  • Heals effects of insomnia and anxiety;
  • Protect domestic animals.

Orgonite influences everything and everyone around it, transforming all negative energy into positive, and thus making the environment lighter and more pleasant .

*Use it in your office, home or even on a date with friends.


SIZE - BASE APPROX. 10 cm / 11 cm HEIGHT



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