3 in 1 dog water bottle

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Are you worried about your Pet in, when leaving and being away from home for several hours, how will he be? Will he feel hungry or thirsty during this period?

When we leave the house with our little friend, we always care about his well being, but what most don't know is that pets feel thirstier than humans during walks or walks, due to the change of environment. That's why we present to you the 3 in 1 bottle, with compartments for water, food and bags to collect feces, for your beloved pet.

3 in 1 bottle for dogs




The 3 in 1 bottle for dogs has several different functions. It can be used to provide water and food for your pet and it also has a small shovel to collect your dog's feces. In addition, the bottle has a place to store the plastic bags used to collect and dispose of your pet's waste.

Allows you to drink water and eat food

The bottle has a container for storing water and, optionally, a container for storing feed. A button located at the top allows the flow of water from the container of the bottle to the small drinking fountain. When the button is released, the water flow stops.

Trowel and container for plastic stool bag

The bottle also has a container for storing plastic bags for collecting and disposing of feces. It also has a small shovel to collect these wastes. Before using the shovel, wrap it with the plastic bag that will be used to dispose of the feces.

Features of the 3 in 1 Bottle for your PET:

  • multifunction, accommodating 258ml of water in another 200g of feed, saving you the trouble of carrying bags of feed and pots of water to feed your pet.
  • High quality, made of resistant ABS material, which prevents it from breaking or being damaged by falls, or with the animal's own bite.
  • Lock On and Off , which retains water, preventing it from being wasted or leaking during transport.
  • sealing rubbers , with them, prevents water from leaking from the bottle during the tour.
  • Ready to use, it does not have batteries, batteries or any type of electronics for charging, when you want to use it, it will always be available.
  • Super modern design, being innovative, is considered the number 1 bottle on the market.
  • Easy transport , easily carried in your backpack, purse or even your pocket.

Water compartment with safety lock, prevents leaks and what has not been used can return to the container.

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