Harry Potter Wand

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style: Fire Spit Voldemort
Electrical outlet: USB
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The most famous Wizard's Wand could be yours!

Become your own mage with this powerful magic wand. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you best and start casting spells like a pro with the flick of your wrist. And if you're low on magic, just plug it in to recharge!

Make your child's day and buy the Harry Potter wand instead of the boring old toy.
But it's not just any magic wand, ours is made with top quality materials and has a beautiful design. Your child will be able to use it to release fire from the tip of their wand and have hours of fun.


Exquisite workmanship, solid materials, the main body has a built-in hollow steel tube, which makes the wand sturdy and durable, and also makes the wand feel heavy when taken out, and it won't float like a plastic toy.

Product information:

Dual switch: spray version unique dual switch, the toggle switch + silent button switch, when the toggle switch is closed, the push button switch does not trigger when the toggle switch is pressed and when the toggle switch is on , the switch button will be activated when the toggle switch is pressed. The first advantage of the double switch is that it is safer and prevents accidental touching. The second is more convenient, consumables can be loaded and the toggle switch can be turned off before performance. The third is more energy saving, preventing the battery from being drained by accidentally pressing the button.

Note: Watch the video tutorial first, then operate. Do not point the mouth of the tube at people or flammable objects and do not look directly into the tube. You can look at it through the reflection of the mirror or the cell phone screen. Turn off the switch before loading consumables, turn off the switch after use, and do not have consumables in the cylinder when not in use. Do not tap or tap the wand.

Size information:

Ha Li is about 345 mm long, 30 mm at the thickest point and 7 mm at the thinnest point.

Dumbledore Duo is 410 long, 26 thicker and 7mm thinner

Hermin length 387 thickest part 20 thinnest part 7mm

Volt Mo is 360 longer, 50 thicker and 7mm thinner

Snee Pu is 333 long, 17 thick and 7 mm thick

Box 436*73*38mm Weight 280g Volume 650g

Fire paper 10x10cm

Packing list:

magic wand*1,

Smart USB charging cable*1,

Accessory bag*1,

Spell Table*1,

gift box*1,

Wand protection pouch*1,

Gift box protective bag*1

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