Nova Rocha Store is the realization of a big dream!

It was founded by us, Michel Rocha and Elizangela Rocha, two cousins ​​who moved from Porto Seguro (Bahia) to start a new phase of life!

After some major family losses and a very difficult time, we started to think about our purpose again!

It was a period of reflection and learning, which made us understand the importance of valuing the present moment and always chasing dreams.

So, there was a great desire to leave a legacy and value the history of the people we love the most!

Together, we decided to explore a new growth sector, aiming for victory and thinking about achieving this personal and professional dream.

And so Nova Rocha Store was born - a virtual store with a modern and innovative concept - with everything you need in one place.

The choice of name was a tribute to Dona Maura Rocha, our dear grandmother who was very proud of her surname Rocha and always put her family first.

She always talked about her family history and how important her last name was to her, because it represents our strength and life trajectory.

Nova Rocha Store is an incredible project, a dream come true. It represents our purpose and desire to grow.

Behind the creation of this company, there is a lot of history, faith and pride, but mainly, a lot of love and consideration for our dear family.

More important than selling, it is believing in the strength of the business itself and making it possible to improve people's lives!

Far beyond a store, here you will find quality products and a personalized and exclusive service.

Our goal is to bring more quality, practicality, comfort and well-being to our customers, because you are the one who made this dream possible!

For more information, contact the support team. We are at your disposal.